Alabama 200 Bicentennial

Bicentennial Bells Across Alabama
December 14, 2019 12 :00 Noon

The 70 chapters of the Alabama Society DAR are inviting and encouraging everyone in Alabama to join us in ringing bells to celebrate statehood day in Alabama. It is hoped that all the bells across the state of Alabama will ring at least one time, and as many as  22 times, in honor of Alabama becoming the 22nd state on December 14, 1819. All bells are welcome including historic bells, school bells, church bells, fire house bells, city hall bells, people gathered in their local park ringing bells, store owners ringing bells on the sidewalk, and even individuals standing in front of their houses ringing a small bell! Let’s ALL come together to share in this special Bicentennial Celebration as the three years of Footsteps to Statehood comes to a close. We are especially hoping that town, city and county officials will help make it possible for all the local bells to be rung so they can be heard at noon from our “Southern shore” to the “Northern vale”.

Official State Song of Alabama

Written by Julia S. Tutwiler
Composed by Edna Gockel Gussen

Alabama, Alabama, We will aye be true to thee,
From thy Southern shores where groweth,
By the sea thy orange tree.
To thy Northern vale where floweth,
Deep blue the Tennessee,
Alabama, Alabama, we will aye be true to thee!